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May 5, 2009

Deaf Individuals across the Nation look to Maryland Company for Cost Effective Interpreting Solution

We Interpret.Net and We Interpret Linked open a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) call center in Owings Mills, Maryland. This new call center, staffed with local, nationally certified Sign Language Interpreters, allows companies to obtain interpreting services for their deaf patients, clients and customers in rural areas nationwide. The costs of travel and last minute cancellations can now be minimized by taking advantage of state of the art technology while remaining compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Owings Mills, Maryland - May 5, 2009 - We Interpret Linked announces the opening of a call center in Owings Mills to provide access to communication during interactions between Deaf and Hearing individuals. Through state of the art Video Phone technology, hospitals, businesses, school districts and government organizations can obtain the services of an interpreter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act has mandated that communication access be provided by all private companies to allow for equal access to all citizens who use alternative means of communicating. The new call center allows a single location to employ up to 20 full time interpreters available to consumers across the country at the touch of a button.

Although the preferred method of communication varies depending on individual preferences, the most common communication support service is that of an interpreter. In areas such as the Washington / Baltimore metro area, interpreters are in high demand and short supply. Often interpreters are not available and the situation is magnified by the fact that interpreters can spend as much as half of their day traveling from job to job. Costs of travel time and mileage are often passed on to the company responsible for paying for this service. “Citizens and businesses in rural areas of the country have difficulty locating interpreters within a reasonable travel distance,” says David Stephenson, President of Maryland Interpreting Services. Even in the most remote locations, interpreters are now available and companies can benefit by availing their goods and services to a larger community of customers. According to Gallaudet University, there are over 10 Million Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, potential customers currently underserved in America today.

About WeInterpret.Net

Maryland Interpreting Services, a Maryland corporation doing business as WeInterpret.Net and WeInterpretLinked.Com was established in 1996. Since its establishment, it has provided some 6 million hours of interpreting services to some 900 customers through offices in Utah, Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico. Staff Interpreters and Independent Sub-Contractors numbering over 1000 provide on-site interpreting and VRI operation since 2007.

About Video Remote Interpreting

IP based video and audio communication technology allows an interpreter in a call center to be seen and heard at a remote site wherever business interactions occur between Deaf and Hearing persons. A light weight, portable Video Phone is required at the business site and at the call center interpreter work station. High speed Internet service is required at both sites as well.

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