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May 20, 2009

Sign Language Interpreting Agency Hires Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Administrative Assistant

WeInterpret.Net a Sign Language Interpreting agency in Maryland has several contracts with organizations requiring communication Hearing and Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. A bi-lingual administrative assistant is the first step in adding spoken language interpreting as a business line. Already many of the customers ask for an interpreter skilled in Spanish and English. The call center administrative assistant, Luis Gonzales, is a local university student with a native command of Spanish allowing customers to connect to the agency in a multilingual approach. The call center in Owings Mills provides Video Interpreting where there is also unlimited growth potential for our Spanish speaking staff.

Baltimore, Maryland – May 20, 2009 – WeInterpret.Net has hired a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) administrative assistant in order to meet the growing demands of its current customers. Many of the current contracts allow for additional languages to be added without requiring re-negotiation. WeInterpret is opening an office in New Mexico and will support the needs of that office by having administrative positions in Maryland. The call center which allows Deaf and Hard of hearing to communicate with their hearing coworkers and customers through Video Interpreting from a remote location has an occasional need for Spanish/English service. The position of administrative assistant will also be able to answer and interpret these bi-lingual calls when needed.

Providing Sign Language Interpreters for communication between Deaf and hearing persons is a requirement of any business under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA 1990). While there are no specific mandates for interpreters of other languages, WeInterpret recognizes that many companies desire to provide this service to increase their customer base. “Witnessing the communication challenges my parents have faced has inspired me to be available to assist others in the community by providing interpreting services,” states Luis Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, WeInterpret.Net.

About WeInterpret.Net

Maryland Interpreting Services, a Maryland corporation doing business as WeInterpret.Net and WeInterpretLinked was established in 1996. Since its establishment, it has provided some 6 million hours of interpreting services to some 900 customers through offices in Utah, Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico. Staff Interpreters and Independent Sub-Contractors numbering over 1000 provide On-Site (www.WeInterpret.Net) and Video Remote Interpreting. (www.WeInterpretLinked.com)

About Spanish/English Interpreting

An interpreter works with spoken or signed language. A translator works with written language, rewriting documents in a target language which is often the translator’s native language. The jobs are actually quite different. A translator may not even be completely bilingual as resources are available to assist in the translation given a time deadline. An interpreter must be able to instantaneously translate verbally between the two languages. Interpreters are in an ever-increasing demand to meet the needs of the global and domestic market place.

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