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Custom Manager Program

WIN offers a special service to companies, organizations and other interpreting agencies that arrange assignments for their own in-house interpreting staff. This service works best for organizations that have an interpreter coordinator or scheduler, or have multiple sites where interpreting is needed.

We Enable

With our Custom Manager Program, we customize our state-of-the-art scheduling and tracking system to meet your specific needs. We create, maintain and host your custom site that enables you to track all interpreting requests and manage your pool of in-house interpreters. Your clients can request services thru your WIN-managed site, your coordinators and schedulers can assign and manage all requests on line, and your interpreters can track their schedules and work hours thru their on-line account.

Each Custom Manager Program client is assigned an address. For example, the Board of Education for Jackson County would be: www.WeInterpret.net/BOE-Jackson. Here's how they might use their site. All information is maintained on a secure server.

  • Principles and schools administrators may use the site to request services for each school or location where interpreters are needed.
  • The Jackson County coordinator could use the site to assign requests to the county's staff interpreters.
  • Staff interpreters could log on to view their work schedules
  • The Custom Manager Program keeps tracks of all request and assignments with many report functions.
  • Jackson County staff and clients can provide feedback to interpreters and coordinators thru the site.
  • Interpreters and assignments can be rated to ensure the skills of the interpreter match the request.
  • If Jackson County is unable to fill a request with an in-house interpreter, the coordinator can request a WIN interpreter with just one click. The information already input is simply rerouted to WeInterpret.Net and a qualified WIN interpreter will be assigned.

For a small monthly fee, WIN can create, host and maintain your management site. Let us show you how our Custom Manager Program can save you time and money and help your staff be better organized. Please contact us to discuss how WIN can help your interpreting office.


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